How do you manage and keep yourself engaged with different communities?

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I know it's a little late to be on Forbe's 30 under 30 lists. Because I've just started my entrepreneurial journey at 30 and built my first SaaS B2B product. As an engineer, building a product was easy. But, then comes Marketing. I've started exploring and started joining every community, where I can learn and share my growth practices. To name a few, I'm part of PH, IH, Reddit, Slack groups, FB groups, LN groups, and of course Twitter. My question to fellow PH Community folks is, How do you manage your time and what tools do you use to keep yourself present in every community you are a part of? Do you have a dedicated time slot for every community to engage with community folks?


Bertha Kgokong
@imtiyaz922 I think eventually founders manage by hiring community builders to do the legwork. It is pretty clear what you need to do for engagement: (1) Post regularly (2) Create useful content But who has the time, to do that on 5 platforms while building a world class SaaS product with 101 features? I do my best to juggle by 101 balls in the air, but eventually when the time is right - I will be looking to hire a community builder. Community building - is a full-time job
Sharath Kuruganty
Great question, Mohammed! It's tough to manage time when you are part of many communities. What I would advise is to join communities that make you excited. Interacting with them shouldn't feel like work, and if it is, you joined the wrong one. Also, keep a 30 min window every day and make it a habit to interact with people adding value. Eventually, it will become second nature.
I often find myself having to juggle between platforms while also building product. But I make up my mind to interact with people who are amazing to learn from. But it definitely requires effort and time management. I do have a lot to improve :)
Ari Bencuya
It's a lot easier once you realize why you're a part of each community. What are you getting out of it and what do you want to get out of it? Are you looking for potential clients? Motivation? Inspiration? A place to vent? A place to learn? Every community has its reason for being. You don't "have" to be anywhere. Answering the why makes it a lot easier (and more enjoyable) to stay active.
Archisman Das
Dedicated time slots on calendar. But still it is hard. Every community has its own set of nuances. It is a challenge to engage everywhere consistently. I think it is better to focus on one or two that are key for you at a point in time.