How do you launch without "Selling?"

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Even though we built a decent MVP and we get positive feedback from the insiders who understand our objectives, it seems incredibly daunting to take our product to market. We are engaged with the community as best we can but there are so many noisy salesman in the space it's hard to stand above them without some validation from public voices. How to get their attention with a tiny budget?


Building a crypto toolkit
so far we have created a twitter, posted the beenfits of our web app and gotten decent engagement but not really getting any growth yet. we plan to release an alert bot on twitter and telegram which people can follow, this ideally will accelerate growth from 0 to 1.
Marketing/communication for Verticalls
A good SEO plan, engage a community and make sure that it puts opinions on SEO sites to make you go back to face the giants. You can make arrangements with companies, you offer your product and them their services as an exchange of good process ( you can find another startup maybe here to do this ?).
David Babins
Niche businesses, marketing etc...
From the research side of things, the following might help a little... :)