How do you keep a tab on your team's mood while working remotely?

Rashmi Gupta
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Among many other challenges of working remotely, I am realising that it is difficult to grasp what a team member is feeling about work or if he/she is happy, sad, anxious, overloaded..and how is the team mood in general. Do you think it is important to pay attention to this and what do you do about it?


Chandan Das
Do you think it is important to pay attention to this and what do you do about it? YES YES. Do the survey through google forms and put questions like 1. 10 reasons why do you want to work or do not work with us? 2. Advantages and Disadvantages of WFH 3. How do you deal when you face challenges while working? 4. Do like to video calling for one to one or group meeting? OR e-mail and phone call? and more.....
Tamela Melita
It is very important to pay attention to the team mood otherwise you are going to end up with a demotivated team and that might impact the productivity. I think one way you can go about it is just check on the team from time to time. Scheduling meetings is cool and all but how about sometimes just schedule one that is just for checking on them? This has worked greatly for my team.
Rashmi Gupta
@ilodeaumi_urdienq exactly, my way of approaching the problem. I have launched a meeting bot today just to ask "how are you doing" ..take a look if possible, thanks :)
Prateek Mathur
Talk to your team, change things up, zoom fatigue is real, get to know them, stop talking business all the time and talk about other things
Isabel Nyo
Definitely not easy. I do it by having frequent check ins, showing my vulnerabilities and being approachable. Easier said than done though. I’ve written an article about it, feel free to check it out:
Rashmi Gupta
@eisabai really good article, we have launched a product to help this, please check out if you get a chance and see if addresses some of the things you mentioned in the article
Elen Udovichenko
Regular one-on-ones with every team member work for us. We also conduct annual performance reviews (including the issues you've addressed). I've also seen teams use Geekbot to stay in sync and share how they feel on a daily basis.