How do you interview PM candidates for technical abilities?

Guy Barner
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I've been interviewing a lot of PMs lately, mostly mid-senior level, and have noticed that it was often hard to determine their level of technical ability during the regular interview. What's your trick for figuring this out? It's especially important for highly technical companies, and if the candidate's background is more in UX/marketing. I've personally started working with a short exercise I created, maybe it can help others too, but I really want to hear more ideas as I don't think it fully covers it. You can see my take here:


Use case. "Here's what we're trying to accomplish with Facebook X service or Y APis". (in more details) How would you, step by step, approach implementation with your tech team. You should quickly see if they're going to have a "high level" approach with zero details (lack of info.... is information about the candidate). vs trying to spec out MVP schema, required elements by service APIs, other APis that could service such and such data, how often the jobs should run weekly/daily. How they should interact with current data. etc. The response will only be as good as the use case!