How do you handle notification fatigue?

Marvin Collins
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So am swamped up in unending notification fatigue, mostly email. How do you handle notification fatigue? Deep work ideas


Amara Pope
Best solution I found is immediately organizing my emails into folders. Even if I cant get to them right away, at least I know how my unread emails are is less overwhelming than pages of unread emails listed in one spot in your inbox!
@amara_pope I use the zero inbox strategy, which is something similar. Keep everything in folders/labels and nothing in inbox.
Amara Pope
@zyqxd YES! it makes things easier to find...and also jogs the memory in case it is hard to follow conversations via multiple emails :)
Maths Mathisen
@zyqxd May I ask which email client you are using?
Richard Shepherd
Use a tool like Memo that respects your focus and does not notify you or use the evil red dot to spike your attention. I am hell bent on getting back notification control, it ruined me a while back. I'd love to talk to you more about this.
I turn them off completely phone & computer in order to focus on what I'm doing. Otherwise notifications is just distracting all day long. There is a time to check email and social media and there is a time to do something more valuable.
I try to disconnect from my devices in general when I get a bit overwhelmed. I don't like turning off notifications cause then I feel I'm missing something important trying to "reset". So just put everything down and going for a walk helps me :)
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I feel you. I just leave them unopened and I just set a time to look a them (generally early in the morning and after lunch break).
Dave Galbraith
Report spam and unsubscribe! There's so much noise in the signal.
Kira Leigh
Literally block out everything. Turn the phone off. Step away from the email. If it's getting too much, and you have a bit of spend at all, get a VC to clear crap out. Turn off notifs for stuff you don't need/want. It's totally just a focus/time suck.
I know what you mean. If you can, try to block time to look at your email and only check them at that time. Communicate this with your team and let them know how they can reach you in case of emergencies. I turn off all notifications of non-essential apps (all except Whatsapp and sms)
Subash Ramalingam
just turn off all notifications including your emails and just enable ONE messaging app for work. Try It and let me know! It worked for me :)
Helene Auramo
I have muted notifications and are moving to services that are not using pointless notifications and support addictive behaviour. I'm also trying to build humane business platform myself to give an alternative to these platforms that are built on humane weaknesses. I think we can do so much better. <3
Nazim @Koinju
to start with, I block all notifications for 12 hours.After that period, I open it again and see what was really a priority.By analyzing each hour in relation to the tasks I had to do, I try to evaluate the most suitable moments in the day in order to authorize them. we rarely receive notification that justifies a response within one minute.You just have to receive them in a dedicated box with continuous authorized notifications.
Teju Adeyinka
I turn off all notifications while I work and then check them all at once periodically.
Elysha Tonge
At first, I'd promise myself i'd only look at my notifications once every few hours, or when they build up. I've realised 75% of the notifications i'm checking are important... but not urgent. Big advocate for muting everything during focus hours :)
David Barneda
turn off what's not important
Arsh Singh
I have ended up muting all group chats and organizing high volume emails into folders. I'm also finding the notifications on Clubhouse insane. I'm forced to turn them off all together and miss relevant rooms. Anyone else finding that?
Shalini Pathak
Don't look at them while you need to give your 100% attention to something. And, keep checking all of them every 2-3-4 hours depending on the availability. That's how I survive!
Valentin Haarscher
Remove all email notifications and reserve several slots in your agenda to check emails and reply. Best productivity hack ever !