How do you handle long term goals?

Ionut Ciuta
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I'm not great with long term goals. I can easily manage tasks that take 1-2 weeks because I can see the proverbial finish line e.g. researching a topic, implementing a new feature, reading a book and the likes. But I struggle with longer term commitments. I'm curious to see how other people deal with long term goals ranging from personal to professional oriented goals and what long term means to other people. Personally, I've found that very few people have objectives that span years. I'd like to learn more about measuring progress, checkpoints, adjusting scope etc.


Eris Calvus
I like to break mine to small achievable goals that will eventually lead to achieving the main goal in the long run.
Pallavi Jaisinghani
Divide your long term goals into small goals. They are easy to monitor, manage & achieve.