How do you give product feedback?

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I'd like to know, how do you go about giving product feedback on the producthunt. What are some basic points you take into consideration for giving feedback?


Maciej Cupial
Of course, it depends on many things. If I feel I'm close to the product/topic I can be an expert and pay attention to small things, but If I don't have experience with the problem and product I usually just check if the product is useful for me.
Depends on the product, but I would largely put the points into a few basic categories: - My UI/UX experience with the software / any other product itself - Any tech issues / errors I got with the product - Any functions I would suggest be added in the future It always makes it easier if the maker/hunter mentions in the first comment or product description what feedback they are looking for - e.g. Please comment below on the most useful function you found on the main page (or something like this) --> tells me exactly what to pay attention to, for maker to get the best value from my feedback.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
- Usability/convenience of use - Value I got from using this product - UI/UX experience - Bugs
Be humble about my opinions. I'm not the founder or maker of the product thus I can't judge their decisions.