How do you give fast feedback during the creative process?

matteo lo manto
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Hi everybody, my name's Matteo and I am an Italian designer looking for your opinion on this MVP I built with some friends. Comment is a tool for fast and easy image commenting that I felt the need to create in order to give feedbacks during the creative process. The feeling is that sometimes tools as Invision or Zeplin (with downloads, signups etc) are just too much when the only goal is to share a fast feedback with a colleague. Since I am the only one using it for now :) I am asking for an honest feedback to you.. do you think it could be useful? What would you change or integrate? Thanks in advance for your feedbacks! Matteo


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parker peter
When the only purpose is to communicate quick comments with a colleague, platforms like Invision or Zeplin (with downloads, signups, and so on) may be too word search much.
Anthony Musgrave
Giving fast feedback during the creative process can be challenging, but there are a few strategies you can use to help speed up the process. Here are a few suggestions: Set clear goals and expectations: Before you start working on a project, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. This will make it easier to give specific feedback on how well the project is meeting your goals. Provide timely feedback: Try to give feedback as soon as possible after you see or review the work. The sooner you provide feedback, the easier it will be for the person working on the project to incorporate your comments and make any necessary changes. Focus on the most important issues: When providing feedback, try to focus on the most important issues first. This will help the person working on the project prioritize their efforts and make the most progress in the shortest amount of time. Be specific and actionable: Instead of simply saying "I don't like this," try to be specific about what you don't like and suggest alternative approaches. This will give the person bitlife working on the project concrete ideas for how to improve the work. Keep an open mind: Remember that the creative process is a collaborative effort, and it's important to remain open to new ideas and approaches. Be willing to listen to and consider feedback from others, even if it differs from your own perspective.
Abrar Ahmed
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Develop a writing culture. Any feedback shared on calls, voice notes, etc often gets lost in translation. Make feedback specific, relevant and concise.
Build a small group of super users who can give you feedback before you're ready to ship.
Gary Ramirez
Fast feedback during the creative process involves open communication and immediate response; utilizing digital platforms can enable real-time input and promote continuous collaboration. Always approach feedback with a constructive mindset, which encourages learning and growth while maintaining a positive and supportive environment for creativity to flourish.
Time-box feedback. Prioritise what needs to be fixed immediately vs what needs more time.
Steven Williams
To foster speedy feedback in the creative process, I recommend using real-time collaboration tools, fostering an environment of open communication, and setting clear expectations for frequent, constructive, and focused critique sessions, all while celebrating innovation and encouraging iterative improvement!
Ryan Robbie
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