How do you get things done at work

Aki-Petteri Hokkanen
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Jarmo Ahonen
I like diversity. Some weeks strictly at Office 9to5(or 8to4 in my case;), Sometimes at home sprinkled around the day. Routines makes Jarmo a dull boy!
Venla Kärkimaa
I'm defintely a routine person and have always been. I'm at my best and get the most done when I have a clear schedule and to do -lists for example. That's why "working 9 to 5" or in my case 8 to 4 is good for me. I actually like to loosely schedule even my weekeds and days off.
Arttu Helke
Currently at a car dealership's cafe waiting for my car to get fixed :) Remote working rocks!
Aino Valtonen
Couldn't have described my feelings better: some remote work, but also energy and great people at the office! <3
Johannes Karjula
The routines are the thing! Wherever you are located you will need routines based on the right activities of the daily/weekly/monthly goal.
Cathy Patalas
having a to do list of the most important tasks listed at the top helps me focus and be more productive
Srishty Chaudhary
The second one will work best for me because at the end, I need a sense of belongingness with my colleagues.