How do you get first users?

Ermias De Angeli
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Hi, I'm almost finished developing my app and I'm about to launch it on google play, now how do I find my first users? Any site or blog to post projects to before the actual launch? preferably free (xd).


Inna Proshkina
You are in the right place :)
I'd speak to people you think will be your ideal customer profile and actually offer them something, usage of your product for 2 - 4 weeks (Free) Engage with them, listen to their concerns and include an incentive for them to tell others about it. HTH Olu Founder @ Prelo
Sofia Polonska
Of course you need to start with your nearest community circle )
@tasha_dziatkovskaya Good point. The easiest users to get are those that you already know who fit the target demographic.
Dagobert Renouf
Hang out where your target market is and participate, they'll naturally want to check out your product. For example I target startup founders so I hang out here, on IndieHackers, twitter and reddit.
Congrats Ermias! Start out by creating a landing page even before you officially launched. Instead of a signup button, add a button that will subscribe them to a mailing list through which they will be notified when your product is ready. Share that landing page to relevant communities on the major social networks. If the product is interesting & useful, you should be able to get a few hundred signups within days. That's how we got our first 700 people to signup even before launch.
Alex Rudenko
First - Quality Then you just have to use marketing =)
Swan Bella
You can get your first user by doing seo of your website or promote your product online which should be organic. Please visit:
Alexey Shashkov
I wrote an article on a UGC platform like PH or IH and got my first users.
Gleb Braverman
Free channels: social media (create accounts, engage in convos), product hunt, slack communities etc
Anupama Panchal
Launch in Product Hunt or other Listing Platforms. Leverage communities with your Target users and start sharing about the problem which are solving for them.
Friends and family are always great. If you have social media announce it there!
Đồng Phục Hải Triều
I built my website from scratch, SEO improve all the time until I get the first customer .
Dominik Šimoník
First, spread the word to your closest friends and family. Once it starts working for them, then just widen the circle and ask them to share. Once it's getting positive feedback, then marketing, product hunt, social media
Jerry L. Tran
We were trying to solve a client problem. Low Engagement was the main issue then we build a chatbot (@botpenguin1) and his engagement increased by 3 times for that year he was the first client for our product.
Reshma R Nair
Introduce the app to people you know who might have an idea about the product and can share valuable feedback as well.
Vadim Kravcenko
I'd suggest talking about building in public - there's a whole community around these types of launching. And knowing what struggles the founder had to deal with to make the vision a reality - makes it easier to relate to you and buy from you
Okay, thank you for your answer
Benjamin J L Schoelzel
Use networks to spread the word: can be in person (meetups) or online (e.g., Facebook). Doesn't mean it'll be easy, but this makes it easier, we're social creatures after all ;)
Deepak Yadav
Each customer is exposed to multiple parallel options around him. Most probably he is already involved with an existing solution. So as per my view companies best bet is to provide additional value in terms of service or a product to customer for free along with desired primary solution. Goal is to get him to a decision to atleast give it a try. I know this will increase customer accusation cost but this will be one of the most used widely used early customer accusation strategy in coming years with increasing no of product launches now and then. Obviously there are other strategies for early customer accusation which are more relevant and practical to nature of business and its model. One medicine can't cure all. Thats why we hire industry specific experts I guess. Hahaha 😂😂
Mark Tuazon
LinkedIn is a good avenue to organically share some stuff like this but of course Product hunt can also provide you those perks just when I also put up my product here from my web at But you gotta go checkout LinkedIn too plus make all your team mates boost it and share for more organic reach.