How do you generate ideas?

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What's better for ideation, sketching and note-taking digitally using Sketch, Figma, Miro, Invision Freehand, other similar tools, or simply using paper, sticky notes, notebooks, and sketchpads?


Post-it notes and a board for the first brain dump and then I'll digitise it. Main reason is I've never found the digital tools as easy to use (mainly because I can't really draw and have few designs skills!)
@maxwellcdavis Yes, sticky notes on blackboards is the best way to download your thinking. Something I’ve done millions of times while working at IDEO. True, digital tools are not quite there yet. However, I think not being able to draw should not be a hindrance to you at all. In my last startup I run company-wide brainstorm sessions and everyone from receptionist, finance together with engineers and product participated with a lot of enthusiasm. Not everyone sketched but was able to visualize with simple strokes what they were thinking about.
Love to hear what everyone thinks and prefers.
Sketch & Figma, nothing else for me!
@jacquelinclem Aha! I tried it but just didn’t “feel” it. Found Figma a little cumbersome. Good luck with the transition.
Rushikesh Kavathekar
Interesting Question! Talk to people and be an empathetic listener. you'll find a source and cause of the problem. People generally talk about technology, scale, funding, PR, marketing, but 10% of the world population lives in poverty and 630 million children are suffering from malnutrition. even, if you are able to help 1% of them, you can create a major impact. Now, that's called a way you can see the problem and generate the idea to solve it
Ayush Shakya
Communicate, your ideas, pain points with similar/relevant group and open the room for discussion. Read some on Design thinking.