How do you find keywords? What tools and different strategies do you use to find the right ones?

Nimesha Buvanendran
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SEO is not all about keywords but that plays a crucial part in getting your website on the first page of Google. Would love to hear more about the useful tips that the fellow hunters use.


Amelia Charlie
If you use AdWords for some of your campaigns, the free AdWords tool called Keyword Planner is a great place to start. Google has some other tools that make it simple to conduct keyword research.
I use aranking to find the keywords of competitor websites. I can view the ranking and competition difficulty of the keywords of competitor websites,
Filip Podstavec
Hi @nimesha_buvanendran you can use Google Keyword Planner or Marketing Miner for finding new keywords (especially low-hanging fruits). We launched Marketing Miner today on PH, so you can catch our 80% off deal: 🙂
Qudsia Ali
There are a lot of free and paid tools available for Finding keywords—for example, Semrush, Ahref, Google keyword planner, etc.
Nabila El Bouzari
Hello Nimesha, I personally use ahref to find long-tail keywords and variations of the actual keyword I was looking at. Topical mesh strengthens the main keywords. I also use Plezi, originally, an MA tool that puts content at the center of the strategy. Not only does it give content ideas based on keywords, but also provides keywords associations to optimize the content, SEO wise