How do you find content creators to work with?

Gleb Braverman
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Hey guys! I am Gleb, CEO and founder of Gossip (, where users create and share voice stories! Couple of months ago we decided to focus on content creators as our main UA strategy - social audio product like Gossip means interesting, exciting and engaging content ☺️ At first we had a hard time finding great creators to work with us on delivering the best audio experience to our users - we've met a lot of agencies with extremely high prices. So we ended up spending twice the time to find direct ways of communication with content creators via slack communities, group chats and warm intros (basically, works like fundraising). What's your approach?


A great place to find content creators are the hiring sections of some of the popular Slack channels. A lot of content marketing Slack groups have a jobs channel where you can share your opportunities and ask for recommendations and applications, like this one here in the Buffer Community. firstcallonline
Rana Mahmood
Lot's of content creators we use to generate the content for our viewers. same like our blog Help a lot for their viewers by sharing latest updates and guides.
Mirjana Stevuljevic
Hi Gleb, if you'd like some help finding the agency that matches your budgetary and other requirements, please check out out new Agency Selector service The best thing? It's completely free of charge. :)