How do you feel about product management?

Qudsia Ali
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What do you think product management is, and how important is the project manager's role?


Camille Landau
There's no role that's more important...and I'm saying this as someone who has never been one. S/he's the person who practices and leads on the art of the possible with respect to how much value can be offered to end-users, as soon as possible.
Paul VanZandt
I can personally say that our development process is miles better than it was without a PM. It's much easier to get more detailed development and testing when they monitor the project, and it allows you to focus your efforts elsewhere. Would definitely recommend it. If you're interested, we just launched today and would love your support:
Launching soon!
Thank you for sharing, @paul_vanzandt. I just checked, and you have a great product. I wish you the best and congratulations on your launch.
Peter agar
The way I see it, the project manager's primary task is to ensure that everybody involved in the team has a clear understanding of his or her function and can properly fulfill their individual roles. The PM is also responsible for setting and controlling deadlines, facilitating communication with stakeholders (both internal and external), and creating a work environment with high morale.
Sophia Emma
Think of software as an ice cream cake – the project manager is the person that chose all the ingredients (features) and also made sure to cook it thoroughly (ensure technical feasibility), and finally, picked out the right size scoop needed for a particular occasion.
Pavel Kukhnavets
Product management is a role within a product development team that focuses on successfully executing the product lifecycle. This role requires professional tools to simplify all the processes and lead the final product to success. One of these essential tools is a Gantt diagram. It helps to see all the interconnected work in one place, anticipate any obstacles or risks, and track progress against your plans. A Gantt chart provides clarity and visibility to everyone involved in a product release, aligning the entire product development team around a shared plan and timeline. Ultimately, using a Gantt chart makes it easier to meet your product goals and deliver new products, updates, or features on schedule. If you are looking for a handy Gantt chart tool to enhance your product management efforts, consider GanttPRO