How do you distribute your Press Release?

Marcin Pastuszek
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Hi! Yesterday, we had officially launched, and I've tried to distribute our Press Release -> via Prowly. For now, the results are not very satisfactory. It seems that journalists at the Prowly database are not updated. Have you been able to reach more prominent magazines successfully?


Gleb Braverman
Founder, Speakezee
Hey! So far we've been using things that do not scale, would love to learn more as well!
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We looked into HARO;- Help A Reporter Out, a site where journalists are looking for stories to publish hopefully that might be useful to you. Sadly no joy for us at the moment with them. Hope this helps!
Viktoriia Stepanova
Brand Manager at Prowly PR Software
Thank you so much for sharing your feedback on Prowly! We do our best to keep our databases up to date, however, distributing a release to the relevant audience is just one of the success factors; others include great release quality, personalisation, perfect timing, news values and etc. Check out our materials on the topic - We have also reached out to you personally to consult on how to achieve better metrics with your releases in the future.
Suzie Payne
I'm a digital copywriting specialist.
Here's a helpful article I bookmarked that might help you - best of luck :)
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Hi Marcin, which magazines/news outlets are you trying to reach? Or, are you trying to get the widest distribution possible? Seodity looks like an excellent product. We write and publish press releases and we're able to get distribution on over 100 sites, including major news affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Associated Press, and more. If you want to test it, check it out at