How do you discover new personal growth/cognitive improvement products & tools?

Tyler Speegle
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Would love to know where you discover new products/tools that assist with your personal growth? Currently working on a project in the personal growth field and curious how this happens for you. So, how did you discover your last personal growth... Book (e.g., Atomic Habits) Podcast (e.g., Tim Ferris Show) App (e.g., Calm) Course (e.g., Masterclass) Product (e.g., TruBrain) *Answer one or answer all :)


Fabian Maume
Online conference are quite useful. for example is a nice place to learn new stuff. Also most of the meetup from move to online thanks to covid, so you can learn new tech & tool there. I'm also following several Facebook groups.
Simon Blok
Just try! If I discover a new 'thing' (book, podcast, tool, ...) I just want to try it. Personally I like a small demo, example-chapter, or other way to test if this 'thing' is worth it to put my energy in it.
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Dan Gusz
We are hosting an event on this topic later this month with an all-star panel, if you'd like to join ( - Behavior Designer Samuel Salzer ( - Wellory CEO Emily Hochman ( - Future VP Performance Joshua Bonhotal ( - NYU Professor Azizi Seixas, PhD (