How do you design a logo for your company/a startup?

Stanislav Razmakhnin
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We would like to know your opinion about the design development, in particular the logo design. How do you solve the need to develop graphic design for your startup/company? Since our startup is working on this topic, I would be interested to know how you are solving this problem right now.


Hussain Effendi
A very interesting stage that you guys are at! Here are my views on the ideal way to come up with the perfect logo. - Gather the team and brainstorm till you all are out of thoughts. - Keep in mind the brand and identify what are the first colors that come to your mind when you say the name. - Try keeping some hidden elements to the logo, it's fun, trust me! ( - We are not all artists but we can surely draw shapes and characters. Don't overthink just draw the logos that come to your mind. - Review the collections and feel free to merge, mix and match. The crux of having the perfect logo is collective team inputs & coming up with it yourself. After that then have an agency or freelancer polish it and make your thoughts and iteractions into a perfect logo. Hope this helps. Cheers!
Jan Beisheim
@heffendi I like your approach very creative! If you are searching for inspiration online and want to get the logo design done in one place fom inspiration to download you should check out Kittl:
Quatist Wo1f
As you can see, our logo. We chose one good font and redesigned its vector points using Adobe XD. Boom, poor logo!
Jan Beisheim
@quatist_wo1f great approach! For further design projects you should give Kittl a go! It's packed with thousands of free vectored design elements that can be easily assemble for any design need.
Christian C
I do them using vector graphic softwares like Affinity designer. Based on the message you want to provide, choose a color palette and try to keep it simple
Jan Beisheim
@chriscarex here is an easier (and cheaper) solution. Just use Kittl. It's packed with thousands of free design elements that you can easily assemble (and change) ffor any design need. All designs are vector based!
Maciej Cupial
I would buy a template in vectors and edit it. The logo is not important at the beginning of a startup.
Jan Beisheim
@maciej_cupial here is an easier (and cheaper) solution. Just use Kittl. It's packed with thousands of free design elements that you can easily assemble (and change) for any logo or other design need.
Carsten Pleiser
Logos are not important in the beginning. It's about your brand's vision and promise. You need a minimum visible identity that can evolve as your company/product or service evolves. Traditional visual identity design for startups is broken: šŸ›‘ You don't know your identity and your market yet šŸ›‘ You don't know your ideal audience yet šŸ›‘ You can't DIY, because you'll look like an amateur šŸ›‘ Costs may exceed $30-50k and you may wait for months
Jan Beisheim
We use our own tool Kittl! It's packed with thousands of design elements to design any logo you like, easy drag & drop options! Check it out:
The Scopes
I would like to recommend you a web design agency. I love their work. You have to check it out..
Bradley Nielson
In order to attract more people to my store, I needed to come up with a logo. Well, I'm not a creative person, I thought a lot about design ideas. Well, all without success. I started searching on the Internet and found this site This site is full of ready-made templates or you can come up with your own. They made me a very cool logo that started to attract people.
Mr. Sh!ne
I would first have a mind map with the keywords about the company/startup so that I'm clear about what are the values and visions, I the old-fashion way of doing sketches with pencils (with markers sometimes). I will use Adobe Illustrator to make the logo based on the best sketch/idea. I think being related to the brand values is key