How do you decide what's your next big goal?

Aidas Bendoraitis
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When we come up with new features, find different marketing strategies to test, get new blog post ideas, we can get pretty overwhelmed. How do you decide what to do next? How do you find your 20% of ideas that would bring 80% of results?


Aidas Bendoraitis
I have tried different methods, including random choice, meditation, gut feeling, most popular answers online, and google trends. But for long-term decisions, I find the Weighted Scoring Model the most effective. Using that model, you evaluate your initiatives by multiple criteria with different weights. Then you calculate the weighted average for each initiative to find its score. Sounds complicated? Actually, I built the tool that implements Weighted Scoring Model more intuitively and practically than setting numbers in a spreadsheet. Please, have a look and tell me what you think:
Maciej Cupial
Always test it, start small, think about what's important for you. There is no clear answer for it.
Jesus Vazquez
I typically do one of two things, either whatever feels like the most natural next step or poll my community and clients to see what's the most important or beneficial for them. If I decide to go with #2, out of the feedback, I go with whatever feels right out of the top voted options.