How do you decide the point when you need a break?

Arif Woozeer
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Now I mean a real break, not just giving yourself Sunday off. To avoid getting burnt out, research has shown the importance of stepping away from the fire every once in a while to give ourselves a "mental reset". But as founders/entrepreneurs, that is almost impossible to do. How do you guys see it?


Veranika Vinichenka
I just had it a few days ago) I retire for a few days when I see that what I used to do in a minute now takes 20 minutes. And this is not procrastination, but the difficulty of making a decision. When you start to doubt what you are doing and how you are doing, this is a sign for a break.
Shiva Prabhakaran
Usually when my body feels really bad when I wake up in the morning, I take a break.
Mayank Gupta
When I feel tired and nothing seems to get inside my head
Chandan Das
When your mind says "STOP"
Jaskiran Kaur
Normally 1pm to 2pm , I have to take lunch break. If some work is need to be done , then after completing I take Lunch break