How do you deal with teams using different project management tools?

Jamie Barnes
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There are some situations where various teams are using their own individual project management tools which make it difficult to track features and issues across all of them. Any tips on managing this?


Chandan Das
Better to use only one management tool for all having all required features of team.
Tobias Gray
I guess there's 2 trains of thought 1) mandate a tool everyone should use or 2) let people gravitate to whats best. Have different teams demonstrate the tools they are using showing its benefits (and cons) and teams should gravitate to those that are best for the organisation. However there will always be some outliers because most of the time there is no one tool that is perfect for everything. At least by sharing experience it lets people have the discussion and naturally gravitate instead of tool silos.
Volodymyr Demkiv
So many PM tools on the market which a suitable to handle couple of smaller or one big project. In order to manage all aspects of your company and not only project stuff is where you use multiple tools. At the end most of the stuff is placed to excel sheets which is one of the best tools for this. It's old it's laggy some times but it works.
Max Scott
I have a few teams that use Todoist and Monday but both systems integrate with TMetric so it's fine for me to track issues mostly in the tracker instead of switching between the systems.
David Miller
Hey! It can be pretty challenging to work with teams using different project management tools. In such a scenario, task uncertainties and project delays are bound to happen. Thus, it is both convenient and smart to onboard a tool that caters to the unique needs of different teams. I rely on ProProfs Project for managing projects with cross-functional teams. It offers a single platform with excellent task management, task automation, and project reporting features. Also, its collaborative features enhance team coordination, leading to better and faster project delivery. Overall, we are happy with how ProProfs has worked out for us.