How do you collect design resources / inspiration?

Cristina Bunea
12 replies
What tools are you currently using to collect things you might need later? I'm talking UI inspo, Dribbble links, interesting articles from designers, color palettes, etc. Do you have a centralized place for this, which lets you collect things of various forms? (text, images, links etc) How happy are you with your current system?


Robin Gandy
I use Invision to create mood boards and store all inspo. It's great because you can see the progress of your boards and how they become more specific as you continue your project
Ok, since I'm doing 90% of ui design Dribbble is the best place for me, so I naturally use the feature "Collection". I've tried this tool a long time ago (2/3y) It work weel for images, I don't know if it can be cool for articles. For me today it's : 50% dribbble and 50% bookmark on firefox to remind everything that is not an image (article, tool, github repo ...)
Akhil Draksharapu
I've successfully cloned raindrop in Notion and 10/10 happy with it :)
David J. Kim
I have an "inspiration" board on Figma. I'd take screenshots of anything I would like and post it there.
Mac Miller
I also want to know that, recently I know a source where you can find more ideas and designs but it is also focused on teachers. You can refer to it if you like:
I use for collecting any kind of information I work with or might need later - any links, notes, files. You can put any of those directly to the board. I'm absolutely happy about this system :) Everything in one place!
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Zuzanna Filipiak
Mostly moodboars, pinterest and screenshots that I made.
Gaive Glodenyte
I use pinterest, behance and dribble. Also I use Miro where I collect whatever I stumble uppon in sort of a freestyle moodboard with images as well as links and notes for myself.
Nadia Elinbabi
I use pinterest - I'm pretty happy. I'd like something I could connect more with my design tool.
Liana Hunanyan
I am using Dribbble, Behance, and also Pinterest. Also, Muzli is amazing: it contains lovely inspos, and updates every day