How do you build an audience for your next product launch?

Teddy Adarsuren
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I have most of the things ready to launch my first productized service and Product Hunt is definitely gonna be one of my go-to platforms to launch. But no matter where I launch, having a small audience prior to that looks like a very important aspect that I've been missing out on. Now I'm starting to take the initiative on interacting and engaging with people on various platforms, but I still feel overwhelmingly inexperienced in this area. I'm sure many of you have stumbled upon this before, so my fellow Product Hunters do you have any tips or even stories about how you built an audience?


Fabian Maume
If your target is Product hunt launch: Twitter is the best place to create an audience. Most of Product hunt user have a link to their Twitter, on their product hunt profiles. So follow people who commented & upvoted similar product to yours on Twitter. If you want to do it at a scale, this automation workflow could help.