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Jaskiran Kaur
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How do you raise funds for your mobile app startup?


Jake Gutstein
Hey Jaskiran This depends heavily on stage and product but a few rules of thumb, assuming you're starting out. You need to prove that a specified number of monthly active users (whatever your primary KPI is) understand, want, and will continue to use your app. A few KPIs on each: - Understand (unique value proposition or UVP): Met if >50% of individuals state the same UVP in a sentence as your internal team - Want (net promoter score or product-market fit): Met if over 40% of active users would be extremely disappointed if they lost access to your product (as opposed to somewhat or not disappointed at all [see Sean Ellis' 40% rule]) - Continued use (retention): Met if we retain 85% of active users month over month If you hit these for a predetermined number of paying MAUs (say 200 for ex) then optionality will come and institutional funding will come to you.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hi. Personal budget or the budget of the entire team.
Ira GI
We have investors' funds for all organizational work, as well as personal investments.