How do keep track of all skills that you build with your side hustles?

Dafni Chontou
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I'm using Notion to write down skills I've developed and build action plans for my future goals. I also use Typeform to get feedback and perspectives from my collaborators. I struggle to keep it consistent though. Keen to hear what other hacks are helpful.


Hm, I just use my linkedin profil to keep my "skill" update. But I think that I manage this bad, maybe I should write article or something else about my skill and the think I've done with.
Dafni Chontou
@jacquelinclem thanks for sharing, Clément! Would love to read your article on your process of developing your skills. It's indeed challenging to do it continuously. I'm exploring how a growth planning tool could look like with Wonderpath.
I created an academy/action plan in Notion too. Did it the other week using an Easlo template and so far have found it to be very useful.
Hey! I use a service for systematizing information, too, but another one - I put my skills and other relevant information on colored cards, which I combine into sheets - for example, "soft skills", "hard skills", "goals" ets. On the same online board, I store all the information that may be needed to confirm the experience (for example, my articles - they can be disclosed and viewed directly on the board). I didn't do that, but if you need to collect feedback from colleagues or other people, you could give them links to any of your boards so that they leave comments in the cards created for this.
Dafni Chontou
@iren_bioinformatician Thanks for sharing, Iren! Very systematic process. I'll check the tool as well. How often do you go back to this board? Have you set a personal ritual in place?
@dafnihnd I return to the board containing information about my skills and achievements about once or twice a a few months. In general, it depends on the intensity of getting the experience. Now, for example, I am taking a data analytics course and go through different sections of it. After the end of each section, I correct the information on the board (for example, I got a new hard skill and a new project in the piggy bank of experience).
Dafni Chontou
@iren_bioinformatician that's amazing, Iren! Most times I'm also thinking about my skills and what I want to focus on developing every 1 month or so.Thanks for sharing your ritual :)
Chongkal Seng
You could try out Vectorly for managing you skills with Solo plan. It's quite easy.