How do/did you build documentation/FAQ/instructions fast?

Philip Wels
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Hi everyone, So, we currently have this situation: We have launched Stormkit (, which is a hosting and deployment service powered by AWS similar to Vercel and Netlify. We help developers save time in deploying, building and scaling their apps and websites that are written in JavaScript frontends like React, Angular, Nuxt, Next, etc. We are a very small team and decided to open source so that we can get the community more involved in developing it and enabling more use cases ( Our current challenge: Many users are searching for clear step-by-step instructions on how to deploy and host on Stormkit using different setups (e.g. WordPress as Headless CMS, integration of data management services, deploying different languages), but we do not have the capacity to write articles, documentations or instructions, right now. Therefore, we started offering free subscriptions to bloggers and developers, but there are just a few, really interested in this offering. We talked to existing users and regularly post our offering on our LinkedIn account ( and are starting to promote it on our Twitter account ( Still, we are getting very little traction on this. Have you ever faced a similar challenge? Is it the offering, our service or have we just not found the right platform to promote this? We are also thinking of paying bloggers and developers to write articles and documentations, but we prefer to have this created by people that are actually using Stormkit. What do you think?


Sai Arora
Have you tried reaching out to folks who are (successfully) using Stormkit offering to pay them to write documentation? I think the incentive for someone to write documentation for you has to be meaningful enough for them to commit to the job. Good documentation is very valuable and (in some cases) can be someone's full time job. Another option you may want to consider is hiring a technical writer on Upwork or Fiverr and having them write the documentation for you. You would need to tell them what to write about and would have to have your recommendations ready for all of the different setups for hosting Stormkit.
Philip Wels
We agree that good documentation is meaningful and that it could someone's full time job. I probably should have contacted people more directly. I asked around through twitter, etc., but when writing people directly, some actually showed interest. We focussed on people already using Stormkit, but upwork might also be an exciting option, I agree. We are also thinking of more Youtube tutorials. You have great inputs, thank you @saiarora :)
Pradeepa Somasundaram
We have built our using Document360. Here are the steps to quickly build an FAQ page using Document360: Create a new category: Navigate to the "Knowledge base" section of Document360 and click "New Category". Name the category "FAQ" or something similar. Add articles: Within the "FAQ" category, click "New Article" to create a new article for each question and answer pair that you want to include in your FAQ page. Be sure to use a clear and concise question as the title of each article. Format your articles: Use Document360's formatting tools to structure your articles for easy reading. You can use headings, bullet points, and other formatting options to make your FAQ easy to scan. Add images and videos: If necessary, you can also add images or videos to your articles to provide additional context or visual aids. Add tags: To make it easy for users to find the information they need, consider adding tags to each article. These tags can be used to filter articles by topic or keyword. Publish your FAQ: Once you've created and formatted all of your articles, publish your FAQ category to make it accessible to users. You can add a link to your FAQ page to your website or other documentation to make it easy for users to find. By following these steps, you can quickly build an effective FAQ page using Document360. Be sure to review your FAQ regularly to ensure that it remains up to date and relevant. Regenerate response
Chinmay Singh
Did this problem get solved for you? We are launching a new product in a few days that do 2 things: 1. It makes a pdf manual 2. It creates a voice enables interactive bot that works as if someone is guiding you step by step. In the voice instructions, a user can ask to skip something/ask clarification etc. Would love to share more, if interested.