how different do you think the media misrepresents whats currently out there?

Nicole Ogloza
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Nikhil Bapna
I think there are various aspects at play but all personality driven... 1. I know better than you... 2. What I wish for is the truth... 3. the masses need to be protected because they are not evolved.
Arun Pariyar
This has a broad answer but I think the can be compared with an analogy. It's like how there is so more than what a photo or a video shows us. It gives us a little but not all often time even making us see only what they want us to see or even worse framing only the extreme. I think that's why internet become the thing where one could get the news from different angles and then decide for themselves. Having said all that we need those photos and videos to at least started somewhere. Thats how I feel.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
Quite a bit unfortunately. I saw this happen A LOT in India, over the last few years, and now in France too, where the press seems to be much more neutral and factual. Yet, what is reported, even if not a gross manipulation of facts (like in India), or completely fake, is often overly dramatised and exaggerated. An acquaintance sent me a reel by a leading newspaper reporting scenes of violence in Grenoble between the supporters of two political parties. She thought things were out of control in the city, but in fact it was an isolated incident on the campus.
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