How did you get your first 100 early adopters?

Farokh Shahabi
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Most startups die before ever reaching their first 100 active users. Getting the first customers to trust your product is one of the most difficult challenges every startup face in the early days. I want to share our story of how we survived this milestone in our journey. Most items that I mention here, are lessons from mistakes we did early on: If you could give 1 advice to new startups on getting their first 100 users, what would it be?


Ng Fang Kiang
I got it from Social media
Andrew Isherwood is a b2b app so we're still pushing onto companies. We did get 100 users fairly quickly (which was about 3 companies worth), just from LinkedIn and reaching out directly to places we had both previously worked.
Farokh Shahabi
@andrew_isherwood1 LinkedIn is tricky, what’s your advice on what to say when reaching out to prospects?
Andrew Isherwood
@farokh_shahabi "Hey, hows it going". Then add something specific, like what prompted you to message them directly (preferably drawing a line from your product to them). Maybe you've seen something in the news or you think their company could benefit from Formaloo (touching on what specifically could be improved). Full confession: I'm a developer and i'm learning sales the hard way.
Farokh Shahabi
@andrew_isherwood1 Me too haha. Any tip on how to choose who to message? That gve you good leads and results
Tony Yan
Thanks a lot for your sharing. We are working on our first 100 early adopters.