How did COVID-19 impact your email marketing efforts?

Andriy Zapisotskyi
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Hey Product Hunters! COVID did a huge impact on our lives and email marketing is not an exclusion. We at, for the past few weeks, were gathering opinions, predictions on the vision of email marketing in 2021 and where it’s going from experts and people who face with emails on a daily basis. Besides, we asked companies like HubSpot, Kinsta, ZeroBounce, MailerLite, GetResponse (and 9 more) to provide outcomes on how COVID changed their email marketing efforts. Based on their shared answers we created a blog post: Now we’re looking for even more insights from Product Hunt community to update our article with more thoughts! So, how did COVID-19 impact your email marketing efforts? Feel free to contribute in the comments :) Top-notch answers will be featured in our article. Thanks in advance!


Dmytro Zaichenko
Zakhar Yung
Checked out your piece - nice work and cool names, HubSpot, ZeroBounce, MailerLite! Awesome job!
Valentin Haarscher
Nice once Andriy ! Limited human contacts forces you to focus on making your marketing campaigns even more human, with more sensibility. You don't want to deal with a robot :)
Tatiana Kukova, PhD
Thank you for the blog post. It is beautiful! Moreover, I love qualitative data with deep insights.
Sara Gepp
I stopped sending emails since I get 300 per day.
From consumer perspective I've noticed getting more emails and my inbox is exploding. Being email marketer myself I send nearly the same amount of emails. However it is harder to break through, because everyone is literally bombarded with emails and offers. e.g. Even now, let's say Valentines day: tech company sends me an email giving a discount on upgrading service. Common guys, be ethical and have common sense... People don't want to get your discounts/upgrades on festive days like this. People buy flowers and jewellery for partners. In other words The only action I want to make in this situation is unsubscribe.
Darren Darren Demers
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