How COVID-19 has impacted your emotional state?

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What tips do you have to stay motivated? It is quite difficult to realize that for a long time we will stay limited in some activities. Quarantine, masks and sick people created a new reality and we have to learn how to live in it.


Sam Liebeskind
Yea, it's been a tough time. One thing that's worked for me is I've tried to flip it on its head and think about all the positives that come with it - more time to read, more time to create art, more time to actually dig into projects I've had on my list for a long time. And I also remind myself how much sweeter it'll all be getting to hang out with people again once we're able!
Corinne Pelletier
What worked for me is to take a few steps back to reflect on my negative thoughts to distanciate them from me and take time breathe and or other calming methods to reboot my mind. There are actually lots of interesting apps that are very usefull for that!
@corinne_pelletier Yes, I agree. Also made few steps back. Since that I stay more focused on positive feelings!