How ''complete'' was your product before your decided on that ''Gong'' moment and released it?

Guy Altagar
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Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) coined the phrases: "Move fast and break things"; "Fail fast" and the notable: "If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late". Do you think those sentences are true or false? How much of the word "embarrassed" played a key role in your first launch? I'll be happy to hear and learn. Thank you. Guy


Our MVP was pretty basic, much in line with "If you're not embarrassed by the first version......." with just an OKR managing and tracking feature on slack. We wanted to ship it really fast, we hadn't even built an audience on Twitter/PH/Linkedin to get the first set of users, thankfully we got a "new and noteworthy" feature from slack which gave us a lot of initial traction, got immense product-related feedback and we shipped additional features like standups, to-do, taskboards within 3 months.
Guy Altagar
@ajeyasriganesh very interesting! So you basically confirm what Reid Hoffman was saying? How did you feel when you launched?
@guy_altagar2 Little apprehensive when we launched, but our initial users gave us a lot actionable feedback, made us bit more confident.
Pablo Fatas
I feel like if you release when you’re happy with your product its probably a bit too late. We released recently on PH and we are now getting tons of user feedback. They love the procut but obivouslty there are bugs and thigns that need ton be sorted out. We are finding these bugs and improving the app so much faster than if we had waited to try and fix them before launch.
Brandon Thimmesch
I would say our product is in a very stable state right now since we just launched =P It was a major upgrade from a previous iteration though, so not quite a blank canvas, more of a tech upgrade for us =)