How can Twitter be used in marketing?

Gargy Gupta
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Graeme O’Connor
Many people use it to build and audience and interact with their target customers. However it's important to provide a lot of value to them first before trying to convert that into sales!
Kate Finch
Unlike other platforms, Twitter thrives on real-time conversation. A perfectly timed tweet on trending or popular conversations can work wonders for your brand. - Twitter allows you to share a wide range of content in a few seconds. - It’s a popular search engine to get information and news related to any industry. - Twitter’s user base is more mature compared to other social media platforms - Twitter users are more eager to try out new products and services - It’s an excellent free customer support tool - Can help you expand your brand’s reach - A great tool to keep track and learn from your competitors - Users on Twitter are more vocal and do not hesitate to express their opinions Twitter is one of the most competitive social media marketing platforms. Without the right insights, you won’t be able to plan a successful Twitter marketing strategy. This guide provides numerous hacks that you can use to increase your brand’s social media presence. FollowersAnalysis is a really effective tool that can help you analyze Twitter follower growth and quality at regular time intervals. These insights can enhance your Twitter marketing strategy and help you deploy effective strategies.