How can Product Hunt be made better?

Aarushi Girdhar
2 replies
Hi, Whether you're about to launch a product or you're someone just here to get amazed by the latest products pouring in here, I'm sure you're loving what PH has to offer. But what are some of the improvements that you'd like to see in this platform? Based on your experience here, what features would you want to be bettered or upgraded for a better UX? Do you have suggestions as to what else could be added here? Thanks, Looking forward to your responses


David J. Kim
This is probably a feature PH debates a lot, but the ability to DM people. I can see the pros and cons. The pros is that instead of people replying to a past comment of mine to get my attention, they could just DM me. But the cons could be that people might end up spamming PH. I'd still personally want it though.
Aarushi Girdhar
@between_team Good one, I could see this one comin. I agree it has its pros and cons, but this is definitely something that they should look into. It is full of opportunities.