How can learn SEO?

Sazzadur Rahman
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There are so many instructor and resources in youtube and udemy.What channel do you prepare?


Ruth Even Haim
I highly recommend Neil Patel & Brian Dean (Backlinko founder). Lastly- ahrfs (arguably the best SEO tool out there) has a great YouTube channel too.
Jaskiran Kaur
SEO can be learned with many ways like training in a company , course on Udemy , YouTube and when you have learned the basics of SEO , practicing is very important , read articles related to SEO, keep updating yourself with Google updates and lot more.....
Sazzadur Rahman
@jaskiran_kaur which training company do you prepare?
Lauren Proctor
I recommend learning the fundamentals of SEO testing. There's a community called created by Kyle Roof and Ted Kubaitis and they are phenomenal. They're brilliant, open to answering any of your questions, and they teach you how to test and verify the things you hear about the google algorithm. (Disclaimer: I started a community member and was so inspired that I actually ended up working with them so I am admittedly biased.)
Fabian Maume
ContentKing Academy could be a nice place to start. To go deeper you can check out the blog from Ahrefs & SEMrush