How can I concentrate in studies over 4hour+?

Utsha Sarker
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Farabe Ahamed
you can listen to music as it helps a lot to concentrate.
david morgan
listen to quality music while you are studying
Mayank Gupta
Follow the pomodoro technique. Our brain cannot focus on for along time, it start finding distractions, so study for 50 mins and then rest for 10 and like this your brain will not get fatigue. Try keeping water and snacks while studying so that the thought of snacking doesn't bother you as well.
Super Product Manager
@mayank_gupta11 I agree. I would go with a 25-5 split though
Curtis Tiemann
I usually put my phone away and rest in intervals or when I feel like I'm loosing concentration.
Jyo Boral
You can try checking out the POMODORO technique for increasing productivity and being efficient.
Eddie Husarcik
@utsha_sarker In medical school, I found it most important to have a set schedule. Wake up at the same time. Exercise. Sit down in a quiet area by a window. Setup Spotify on a "Study Playlist". Disable any time consuming websites (eg, Reddit). Follow your study pattern that helps you the most. For me, I didn't like the pomodoro technique as I felt like my flow got disrupted, so instead, I set micro goals ("10 more clinical vignettes before I stop") before I could take a break. It takes a while to figure out what works best but eventually nearly all of my classmates could study 8+ hours a day for months. That much studying is not always needed though.
Richard Fang
I've tried using random 'techniques' that give you mini breaks inbetween but none has worked for me. I usually find heading to a local cafe and putting on lo-fi music is the best way I can stay productive over long periods of time 😆
Audrey Rampon
A good night of sleep, stay hydrated (aka don't drink more than 2 coffees 😆), whatever you study, divide your tasks into sub-tasks so you see your progress, and quite frankly... take breaks!
Hope this might help..
Rashmi Gupta
take breaks and do time boxing
Asif Kamal
you can find playlists on youtube. Music really does help. Also having a calm and quite environment
Benoit Chambon
Changing subject focus every hour
I would be eager to learn this too :)
I'd suggest study in chunks, instead of 4 hours straight
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
Yes, you can - with good music, high speed internet, quiet space, 20-25 oC and a computer. Everything is possible.
Listen to white noise, my playlist, green tea