How are you starting the first Monday of the year?

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Without slack 🤪
Corinn Pope
Trying to figure out where I left off late-December and figuring out where to jump back in...probably with getting a big content piece I've been working on edited and ready to schedule.
june shen
Nachiket Patel
By appreciating all my teammates for the hard work and efforts they put in 2020. Motivation is the key! :)
Pushing hard to make the best product we can :)
Meng Wee Tan
Watched Soul with my family. It's my birthday!!
Komal Saraswat
Setting-up priority with everything that needs to done and pending for so long.
Peter Pezaris
Staring at our metrics and hope we rebound from the holiday lull.
advait vaidya
Publishing my journey from a non programmer to launching a SAAS
Dennis Hoang
Creating a measurable checklist/task list for launch of
Grace Park
Started off with thank you notes to our community :)
Max Kamyshev
Had some prosecco and on and on)
Isaac Usifoh
Thanking God for life
Amit Tank
With Pigeon 🐦 . Been prospecting with my LinkedIn connections. Would recommend you all to try it at
Jan-Joachim Müller
like every monday. So in essence coffee and getting my business up and running!
Erika Ferszt
Hunting for the right coding partner.