How are you holding up? I mean seriously.

Rick Turoczy
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I'll ask you the same question I ask everyone. The last year and a half have been a lot. A lot a lot. Being a founder is hard enough without additional pressures. And yet, here we are. With no definitive end in sight. With that in mind… how are you doing? Seriously. Are you good? Are you barely getting by? Are you really struggling? Please let us know. And please let us know what we, as a community, can be doing to help. 🧡


Ruben Wolff
It's nice to see people looking out for one another. This is not a fun time, but we're getting through it. Sending lots of strength to those who are struggling
Jill Salzman
Very kind of you to check in on your community. Entrepreneurship helps me keep hope alive but I struggle to watch so many people suffer. What a time it is to be alive, huh?
Rick Turoczy
@foundingmom Agree. I'm often finding it incredibly challenging to prioritize which dropped ball to pick up next.
Jason Glaspey
It's hard to believe that anything matters. It's hard not to believe that everything matters. I have to put blinders on to everything so I can focus on work as much and as long as possible. Then I have to put different blinders on to everything else to focus on my family for every other moment I have. It feels like the only way. It's hard. But I'm well-fed and dry and warm and no one in my family is in crisis. So, yay!?
Gleb Braverman
Meditation helps to clear my mind, also i try to spend as much time as possible outside