How a non-technical founder launch an app??

Unai Sanchez
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I mean, how they get a team or a developer to work for him? If there's no money, no investment, no savings... etc How is some people launching apps if they are non-tech founders?


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Partner with an agency that has an expertise in building product (make them believe in your vision and promise them returns in the future) OR simply get a technical founder. Highly recommend the latter.
@bilal_chaglani But how do you get a technical founder if you don't know any one able to do it? And how you trust that person to build a company with him? And about the agency, wouldn't the agency ask for a payment for building your app/software? I mean, that's their job.
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@unaisanchezl You will firstly have to network at events or get references through people in startups. Once you find someone who claims can build it, you will have to analyse if they are a good fit for you and have an appetite to go through such a venture (the ups and downs of a startup). After you are convinced, offer them a good percentage of this newly formed startup. The equity offered should definitely be vested over 4 years. For Agency - There are agencies that work on a pure partnership model. If they like your idea, they will take like 30% of your startup and will commit to build the product for you. There is a very popular agency that does this in UK, unfortunately I can't remember the name. Other one I know of is Avalon Labs in Bangalore, India.
@bilal_chaglani Thanks Bilal for your extense message :) I really appreciate it! Let me know if you can remember the name of the UK agency so i can give them a look! Thanks dude and have a great day!
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Use an app builder (which is self service), there are several companies that offer this service. Agencies are bad they are expensive and require additional fees for you to get improvements (which is an inevitability).
@rilwan_owolabi1 Which app builders would you recommend Junior?
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Try making an MVP yourself - validate that idea and once the idea is validated you can get a full time developer on board. That way the risk on his part is also less as the idea is validated and has some traction. To make apps yourself you can try using flutterflow or bubble (if it is a webapp) You can also make a landing page and make a waitlist to convince someone (using webflow)