Homepage tips?

Reece Jones
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Any go to tips for a great home page? Struggling with my conversion rate and I was wondering what you guys thought!


Nicole Ogloza
have call-to-action buttons all over it
1. Headline - concise - clearly communicates what you are offering 2. Subheading - also concise, expands on the headline, relies on benefit language. Shows the reader how to solve a problem rather than what your product is. Shows how user can do something better 3. CTA - clear, concise, says exactly what to do 4. Concise text sections - 80-100 words per section - benefit language 5. Meta optimisation of descriptions and titles 6. Optimization of images for socials 7. Repeated CTAs 8. Value visualization: graphs, charts, images. 9. Social proof The header, sub-header and first image (video) should be above the fold.
Reece Jones
@w_j This is super helpful, thank you!