Hi Peeps, need your assistance in evaluating our application software - ENLIST

Prakhar Agarwal
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Enlist, a To-Do List. Be that as it may, for what reason do individuals will utilize ENLIST, in the event that we have better application software like Microsoft ToDo, Google Tasks, Todoist, and 'n' number of application softwares. Also, for what reason would somebody be captivated and would leave us with an audit when they realize that we have assembled a "To-Do"? To start with, let me give you, individuals, a situation Suppose an individual shared a task on the list which is collaborated by 4 people. Now, if one of them denotes the task as finished, the task moves to the finished segment irrespective of whether others have finished it or not. To avoid this scenario, ENLIST comes into role!! So, now let me reintroduce ENLIST Enlist, a To-Do List where any changes on a "shared task" are particular for everybody, and any alterations made by one individual won't affect other user's lists. So, now if one of the individuals denotes the task as finished, ENLIST won't affect other individuals. Hope, you discovered it quite different and if indeed, have a demo of our application software by tapping on the underneath connect:- ProductHunt: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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