Hi all, this is my first launch here. Can you give me some smart hints and tips?

Emile Courthoud
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My name is Emile and I want to release an open-source library on Product Hunt. It's called Nebullvm and it accelerates AI models 10x with just a few lines of code. It's powerful and is already spreading quickly by word of mouth (250+ GitHub stars just the first day), but I'd love to see more people benefit from it. It would be super helpful if you could give me some smart entry on how to properly launch an open-source library on the Product Hunt and please subscribe to the launch to support the algorithm. Thank you!! https://www.producthunt.com/upco... And btw, try the library, it's really powerful and easy to use! Cheers Emile https://github.com/nebuly-ai/neb...


Jakub Piskor
Hi Emile, here's a list of my favorite resources to launch on PH: https://entrepreneurlist.io/prod... . Maybe you find it helpful. Good luck with your launch!
Hey Emilie, here's our list of things to prepare 1month / 1 week / 1 day ahead of your launch, hope it helps > https://kairn.notion.site/Produc...