Hey 👋 NoCode enthusiast (peeps), how has your no code journey been?

Anil Meena
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Please tell us a little bit about your early small project or big launches. Your go-to tutorial or community for no-code help. Or top learning on the way.


Aryan Khan
I'd like to know as well. I tried some no-code platforms several times but couldn't get a hang of them at all. The UI looks old as well.
Anil Meena
@aryankhan what all tools have you tried in no-code??
Anil Meena
@aryankhan and may i ask what has been your learning journey for these??
Need to get into no-code - something I've not really looked into yet...
Gabriele Sangrigoli
Can I naively ask you what NoCode is?
Anil Meena
@gabriele_sangrigoli Its building apps or automating processes without writing code. Using no-code tools which provides these features. 🙂
Stephanie Leue
I am thrilled. I am building Products for more than 14 years and no-code is stunning. We just build a SaaS Product with bubble and Airtable and an underlying AI algorithm within 6 weeks and will launch it soon. This would have been impossible 5 years ago. I can even handle most of the tools myself. Even my 17 year old son is part of my team and builds a few features himself. It is incredible, what you can do with almost no resources.
Anil Meena
@stephi thats amazing; I guess no-code actually opens up the potential to try out things for which earlier we needed to depend on coders or learning to code. May i know how did you started in this; i mean what were the few initial small no-code projects you build and what are some of the helpful resources you found on the web. I am also building things in bubble; previously used to work on tools like webflow, zapier, airtable, wix etc but bubble just changed the whole game.
Stephanie Leue
@anil_meena21 I've created the flow in Miro, and then hired an excellent NoCode Agency to build the Prototype in Bubble. I myself added some features with Mailchimp, Typeform, Airtable and Minicoursgenerator.com. I am more a trial and error kind of person and rather fail fast and adapt. Plus building products for more than 14 years helped. So I can't share resources actually.
Atul Ghorpade
Currently, I only use Notion for some basic tasks. In furure, I want to build something out of tools like Notion, Airtable, Bubble, Zapier, and much more. Let's see!
Mekkie Bansil
It's such a roller coaster! I've been doing webflow for a few years and just got on bubble so we can build the app side of our ebook marketplace. they're entirely different worlds, but i'm excited for what we're launching on january 10th (if we can fix all the bugs lol)
Dan Cleary
Not sure if I would call myself an enthusiast, but I love no-code tools for quick projects. Built a side project this weekend and wrote a little overview of the stack and process! https://www.tethered.dev/blog-po...