Here is a tip to get Canva Pro completely FREE for the first year!

Vikash Bajaj
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Hello Guys, In recent times, Canva has become very popular and it is one of the top used products by the ProductHunt community based on a recent discussion here. So I thought I would share my tip on how to get Canva Pro free for a year. Canva is part of Github Education Pack which gives Students Canva completely free for 1st year. All you need is an .edu email id to get started. Checkout the details here: Hope this helps someone.


Thank you for sharing this! It's amazing and very valuable to any student. I've been paying for Canva for about 3 months now without knowing this was available to me!
Đồng Phục Hải Triều
It's awesome, gonna try it right now!
Ruben Wolff
Thanks for sharing this tip, it will prove very very useful
David Rodgers
oh Cool! Let the force be with you!
Alexander Moen
that's amazing. I use them a lot and get kind of tired of the pop ups to grab the Pro version, but do see some use in it. Maybe I'll give it a shot.
Jan Beisheim
Hi Vikash, thanks for sharing! IF you do not mind I'll add a Canva alternative which we'll be launching on PH Thursday. PH community will get early access and free pro-subscription!! You can check out our upcoming page: