Help me to validate the product

Divya Rajendran
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Hello friends, Could you please help me to improve & validate our product by taking this 2 mins survey? 👇🏻 I am part of the product growth team @ Simply5 CloudLAN, trying to explore improvements to remote development experience with CloudLAN. I’d love to get your advice on our product & the high-value issue you would solve with it from your experience, this helps us a lot so we don’t build the wrong thing. Thanks in advance🤝🏻


Daniel Kyne
Some quick notes on the survey: - Telling respondents your idea up front skews your data, because everyone now knows what you want to hear. - It seems like the main data you want to get is the challenges people face, but not sure how you plan to take the list of challenges you receive and prioritize it? Here's a much stronger idea validation method that comes from Shreyas Doshi on the Stripe product team called Customer Problem Stack Ranking: