Help me choose a name

Bogdan Popa
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I am building a product that will deliver 5 to 10 minutes stories via email address. The purpose is to provide free and accessible reading to anyone with any device that can log in to an email account. In order to do so, I need help in deciding what name would work best for the product. I did some research and arrived at a few options, but I need your help in choosing the name that fits best with this product.


Derek Duban
It's more like I have reasons not to choose the other options. Even so, the "read" in Alfread is irresistible.
Bogdan Popa
@sclerek Thank you for the feedback. I feel the same way for Alfread, but I'm afraid I might be biased since it was the first option I came up with.
Stefan Morris
I don't mind Alfread. FYI - my product is called Vellum, lol.
Ruben Wolff
There's a product for finding people's email addresses called Alfred, that's the first thing Alfread made me think about. I like Chapter and Droplet :)
Bogdan Popa
@rubenwolff Did not know about that one. There are, however, quite a lot of products named Alfred, including the Spotlight enhancement for macOS.
Max V
Droplet is a term used by DigitalOcean.
Frida Pigny
How does "5cule" sound? it is from 'five minuscule stories'. I checked that name on Instagram, no taker yet :)
Bogdan Popa
@frida_pigny It's a bit tricky that one. 5 can be mistaken for S and in my native language "Scule" means "Tools" or, if there are people of dirtier minds, penises 😬
@frida_pigny @bpopa is there a Latin, aka Romance language version of chapter or paper lip?
Bogdan Popa
@frida_pigny @guidomia11 in Romanian (my native language) yes, for both of them. - for chapter is "capitol" (capitulum in latin) which could be easily mistaken for the US Capitol so this is a no-go - for paperclip is "agrafa" which doesn't roll off the tongue in English Other languages also don't roll off the tongue for either word (at least to my non-native English ears).
Chapter seems to fit best but paperclip just sounds better. Sounds like you doing like a “stoytime” but that comes across as for children.
Bogdan Popa
@guidomia11 chapter fits the bill perfectly, but I feel it's too descriptive. Paperclip sounds better but the image of Clippy always comes to mind 😬