Help desk / support ticketing CRM system worth doing for MLP?

Paul Korver
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We're currently a small team (8 total) building a SaaS tool for the creator economy. Fundraising has been fairly easy... half-way raised pre-seed in 45 days. Looking at wether we want to add a help desk solution for managing support tickets. If this were a team of 2 totally bootstrapped my thinking is maybe skip it for MPV. But since we do have some funding and our Beta Creator users have legit followings a combined reach of 5M+ (and are excited to use the product !) I'm concerned about being prepared for managing potential support tickets when we launch. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. And also Support Ticket CRM product recommends :) Thanks in advance, Paul


Jared Cornell
Big congratulations on your successful fundraising! I would recommend you for a simple help desk tool such as ProProfs Help Desk ( to manage all your product-related inquiries or complaints in the initial days. The tool also offers multiple integration options to the leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce and MS Dynamics. Good luck!
Paul Korver
@jared_cornelll Hi Jared... was hoping to hear real world users of help desks solutions (not employees of the company they are promoting) but will definitely take a look.