Having trouble hiring new talent.

Cameron Zoub
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We're looking to bring on a new full-time front-end engineer for our startup. We've looked into sites like Indeed, Angel.co hiring process, and more. We haven't been blown away by any applicants and have had a pretty difficult time finding engineers who are super skilled in design skills. I was curious if anyone had any insight in the best places to look for front-end engineers who are also great at design :) Thanks!


Akash Ambade
Hey Cameron, If you are open to explore Remote Tech talent marketplace, do explore companies like Toptal, Crewscale Both work on similar principles but you may find Crewscale cheaper alternative without comprising on quality of engineers. Good luck :)
Alexander Moen
I think there's a very high chance that you're asking the wrong question. All of this is first assuming that you don't have a broken interview process and that you have a great culture and product that people would want to work with. If you or someone on your team hasn't been good at hiring and bringing on talent, point the mirror back at yourself. It won't matter where you look until you improve that. And, if you've only gotten so-so candidates to begin with, chances are great that there's a hole there (anywhere from the job posting itself, to the first phone call and first impressions, through the full interview process). Second, most startups tend to have bad pay compared to industry standards. You'll get further if you have flexible offerings tailored to individuals you want to bring on board. You can pay less than market rates if you have freedoms and flexibilities that the market doesn't typically offer. Get creative and offer things that aren't scalable. It doesn't matter at this point yet, you just need to get quality people to help you build. And, finally, consider the technical skills of your team. Is it perhaps that you haven't been "blown away" by people because you're expecting too much? There's a good chance that you are holding the bar way too high because you're expecting employees to be on the same level as founders. Be okay with lesser skilled people or people that aren't as motivated to work as you. It's your business after all, not theirs. They just want a paycheck. Plus, unless you have tons of funding, you should be prepared to train someone heavily. Be ready to build great people instead of closing them upfront. Do not expect to find great people and think that your little startup with lower pay and a questionable future is going to attract top talent away from the behemoths with billions of dollars in the bank and a track record that's been around for much longer. Once all of that is in place, then worry about tricks and tactics like where to post jobs, etc etc. I may be way off base, but hopefully some of that was useful to consider as well.