Have you used interactive chatbots for lead generation?

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Can interactive chatbots be used for lead generation? Does it help?


Utsha Sarker
No. Its harmful I think
@utsha_sarker3 Can you please tell us why you think so? What are the drawbacks?
Artem Khromov
Sure thing! We're using it to make more personalised demos (not in Butler, for other projects)
@artkhromov Great! Interactive Chatbots can really help personalize the user experience! Thanx Artem.
Michael C Lamb
Absolutely. It comes down to the copy and customer journey. Once that has been fine-tuned then people will be providing lead info all day.
@lamb True! I feel interactive chatbots has the potential to guide a user smoothly through the conversion funnel! Thanx Michael
Nikita Dutta
Instead of using chatbots, I would recommend you try the services of managed live chat from Chat Metrics (chatmetrics.com) as you will get human agents who will be available on your website 24/7 to instantly answer the questions and queries of your website visitors and provide them with the right solution. You will be able to double up your generated leads within the shortest time without any hassle.
Henry Robinson
Yes, I have used interactive chatbots in the past. However, to my disappointment, I was not able to get the results I expected. So then I tried live chat services from Chat Metrics (https://www.chatmetrics.com/). To my surprise, I was able to get more leads and bookings within a brief period of time. Wondering how? My website visitors got to interact with human agents when they had a question regarding my service. So these agents would instantly answer them and direct them in the right direction, doing what a sales and marketing individual would.