Have you re-launched a Product on Product Hunt? How did it go? Was it better/worse/the same as 1st?

Kyleigh Smith
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I recently wrote a thread about my experience but interested to hear about others as well! Heres the thread if you're interested 👉 https://twitter.com/bagelsangran...


Dan Willoughby
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Great thread and thanks for the tips! I haven't relaunched yet, but I have something huge in the pipeline :) I'm heads down executing on it, but it's gonna be great.
Kyleigh Smith
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@plainice_ Nice! Curious to see what you launch!
Manisha Joshi
noob @ nooble.xyz (We're LIVE)
Hey! Not re-launched yet but planning to this month! Here are some lessons that I've learnt: 1. Community matters - Previously the launch was a bust with 5-6 upvotes because we had no significant community or even a user list. This time we've prepared a large mailing list, number of other communities that we can tap into before our launch. 2. Prepare month, not days before - The last launch was not at all well-prepared. We reused the same graphics, low-effort product demo, wrote the maker comment on the spot. This time, we've prepared all our assets, taken feedbacks and improved upon them. 3. Research, research, research - Last time, no one knew it would be beneficial to launch at 12.00 midnight, or on a Tuesday or Thursday. This is something very common that every PH launcher is aware of. So we read as many articles, threads and websites we could before starting to plan out our launch. This is what I've understood so far, more updates after our launch on 17th!
Kyleigh Smith
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@manisha_joshi1 Nice! Sounds like your set up but for a better launch this time around. Good luck!
Maker @ Resumey.Pro
Great thread Kyleigh! I had a similar experience with my product Resumey.Pro as well. First time was way better than our re-launch. Stats of our relaunch in Dec 2021: 824 visitors, bounce rate 69% 126 registered users (15% conversion from visitors) Number of products launched on the same day: 40 new products Statistics of our first launch in Sep 2020: 3164 visitors, bounce rate 78% 235 registered users (7.4% conversion from visitors) Number of products launched on the same day: 18 new products Overall, our launch this time was less successful than last time. Why do I feel so? - We received only positive feedback this time around - mostly encouraging words. There’s not much about the product itself except that people said they like what they saw. It doesn’t help us much in terms of improving what we have or if there’s something missing on our platform. - I can attribute around 50 upvotes out of 208 mainly to the reach outs I did. This doesn’t mean they actually support the product, but most likely just to maintain our relationship or be nice to me.