Have you ever tried the gamification approach with your team?

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Have you ever tried gamification of any treadmill tasks at work? Did it work? Was it just fun or there were improvements in productivity or quality? Would you like to try it, if you didn't do it before?


Alexa Vovchenko
We're actually developing employplan.com. which bases on the gamification at work. Although the project was created with a different value prop, people saw in it a perfect tool for employee engagement. We ourselves use our product as well, but I think that the whole process of building and spinning the startup challenges us so much, that we don't need any additional motivation. So, summing up my answer - gamification is good, it works, but on the early stage of startup we don't need any additional motivation or engagement since there's sh*t tons of challenges around.
Great that motivation comes naturally in your team. I noticed however, that although the level of motivation and engagement can be quite high, there are some tasks people try to escape. At Trackabi.com we have just added gamification of time tracking. So, I wonder what other projects offer and if any one does 'offline' gamification.
Vio Vanica
Hey Andrey, I would advice to watch this video by the CEO of SuperHuman -
it's about how you go beyond gamification. Hope it will bring you a new perspective on what you are trying to do! It certainly did for us.
Swadhin Das
Great that motivation comes naturally in your team
Mohammad Shamsuddoha
No, I never tried. BTW what is gamification?
@mohammad_shamsuddoha Gamification is using some elements of a game in your daily activities. We have a blog post about it with some details and samples https://trackabi.com/blog/gamifi...
ebubekir kaplan
We're working on gamification business. From big enterprises to small shops we've tried many tools to attract employees. After many years we've enlightened ourself and this is the output; if you're in a young community with more than 5-6 people, gamification is a kind of neccessary. The point is being patient and consistent. One way or another, you can get improvements, cheerfully.