Has productivity increased due to the 'Work From Home' culture?

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The work from home culture looks like the future. So this is a pressing question that I think we must address.


Shiva Prabhakaran
This is super subjective and depends on people. Everything else remaining the same, I believe you'll work better at a place that is dedicated for work in the long-term.
Fatoumata from We Ynspire
I would same as Shiva, because remote work isn't good for everybody. Sometimes where we are away from the work or school place, it's easier to get disconnected.
Ayush Kumar Singh
Honestly I think for the most it has decreased rather than increased. People who were working online may have increased there productivity but other than that productivity has everything has decreased
Robert Ferguson
In my opinion, I would agree that Work From Home will be the culture sooner or later. When it comes to productivity, I can say that it boosts my output at a reasonable rate.
@theroguson Thanx Robert! In my opinion, the WFH culture will take time to sip in...eventually when we will get used to it..it might not effect productivity.. but for now, I think WFH has decreased productivity!
Vio Vanica
It did both I would say, but the most important lesson I learned was that we, human beings, are very adaptabile creatures. I was reading the other day this research and considering the remote work will stick with us for a while I think that we anyway will find solutions to be more productive - https://www.mckinsey.com/feature...#
Yes for last year as work is at home, we can’t travel, social activities are non-existent and there is no commute. It’ll change as things open up, but it’ll be better for some to avoid commute and be productive at home while others need dedicated work environment. Hybrid is inevitable for near future, but hopefully we’ll keep the learnings from the year past and not leave out people on conf call or draw on whiteboard where remote is left out etc. Lot of it depends on how hybrid pans out.